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Taking a Rightful Place:

The Archives celebrates the 40th anniversary of the vote to ordain women in The Episcopal Church.  An exhibit explores the history of women in the House of Deputies, from their struggle to become deputies to General Convention to their full participation in the priesthood.  This story captures the unifying force that women’s participation brought to bear on the House of Deputies as it rediscovered its central place in the governance of The Episcopal Church.

A Ministry of Preaching:

The Archives marks the opening of the personal Papers of John Rowan Claypool, IV (1930-2005) with an exhibit highlighting his influential career as a preacher, author, teacher, and spiritual counselor. His experience with personal tragedy and the struggle to find healing and hope inspired a confessional witness in his preaching that was both compassionate and influential on the ministry of others. Claypool’s writings continue to speak to modern themes of redemption, personal Christian witness, and the transformative gift of life.


Negotiations continue as The Episcopal Church works with select development partners, architects, and fundraising professionals to unlock the potential of the Church's great asset in its historical records. The Archives in Austin is envisioned as a center for honoring and celebrating the gifts and challenges for this province of the Anglican Communion.