The Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
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I. Archives Research Report. The Church's Contemporary Response to Racism: A History of Anti-Racism Training in The Episcopal Church

II. The Episcopal Church's Response to the Call for Repentance and Study

General Convention Resolution 2009-A143, Extension of General Convention Resolution A123, recommitted the Church to study the economic benefits of slavery through the 2013-2015 triennium. The Resolution requests that each diocese name a Day of Repentance, hold a Service of Repentance, and encourages dioceses to study slavery, segregation, and discrimination in their own communities.

The Rev. John Kitagawa, Chair of the Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism, circulated a letter to every diocesan Bishop in May 2011, asking for a report on specific actions taken in their diocese in response to the Resolution. The Archives of the Episcopal Church is working in support of the Committee on Anti-Racism to share these responses online. This digital archive is intended as an information resource for the Committee, the General Convention, provinces, dioceses, congregations, and Church members. While dioceses may be inspired by the resources to formulate their own services, these materials are published here for educational purposes only.


Diocesan Responses

Letter from the Chair
Resolution 2009-A143
Resolution 2006-A123
Service Leaflet from the National Day of Repentance
Presiding Bishop's Sermon, National Day of Repentance
Researching the Impact of Slavery on Church Life

Summary of Diocesan Responses
Responses: Dioceses A-M
Responses: Dioceses N-W

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