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Governance Documents of The Episcopal Church

This digital collection contains formal documents that constitute the Church's canonical texts, including the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church, the proceedings of General Convention (Journals and Reports), and the Annotated Constitution and Canons (White and Dykman).

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The Acts of Convention, 1976-2015

The Acts of Convention is an official Archives' database of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church. It holds the position statements, policies and endorsements of The General Convention, which is the chief legislative and govering body of The Episcopal Church.  Contact the Archives for resolutions before 1976.

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Reports to General Convention, 1976-2015

The Reports to General Convention, also known as the "Blue Book", is an archive and authentic record of the official triennial reports of the interim bodies (committees, commissions, agencies and boards) of the General Convention for the years 1976 to 2015.

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The Resolves of Council, 1976-2011

The Resolves of Council is an Archives publication of all Executive Council resolutions and votes for the period of January 1976 through March 2011. The Executive Council is the chief governing unit that carries out the work of the General Convention and serves as the corporate board of directors.  Contact the Archives for votes taken before 1976.

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Episcopal Press and News, 1962-2006

Episcopal Press and News is an archive of articles, features, and news items of the Episcopal Church's national news-gathering and dissemination offices.

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