Appointment of Bishop Frey

Diocesan Press Service. November 24, 1971 [96-14]

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- The Rt. Rev. William C. Frey, exiled Bishop of the Diocese of Guatemala, has accepted the call of the Rt. Rev. Christoph Keller, Jr., Bishop of the Diocese of Arkansas, to become Chaplain to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Bishop Frey will replace Canon David Johnson, who moves to Columbia, Mo., during the Christmas holidays.

The Dioceses of Arkansas and Guatemala are in a Companion Diocese relationship.

Bishop Frey and his family were deported from Guatemala in October for allegedly "interfering in the political activities" in that country. After his return to the United States Bishop Frey was quoted in The Colorado Episcopalian as stating, "I wrote, and got others to sign, a document which simply asked in mild terms that the leftist guerrilla group and the government end the constant bloodshed, violence and vengeance, and restore constitutional order and other human rights. It was a public declaration, a simple request, made to a government which is the only power which can restore order to Guatemala today." He added that nine other religious leaders in the country joined him in signing, though some "felt it was too mild a statement. "

As chaplain to the University, Bishop Frey has the opportunity to work with students and faculty as a part of a team ministry with St. Paul's parish and the Rev. Edward Salmon, rector. At the same time he remains the Bishop of Guatemala and will have certain duties pertaining to his continuing episcopate-in-exile.

Bishop Frey, his wife Barbara, and their five children will move to Fayetteville on or about the first of January and will reside at the Chaplain's residence at 536 Storer Street there.