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Contributor Log In

\n"; /*The $user_info_query locates the user's record in the Contributors table*/ $user_info_query = "SELECT * FROM Contributors WHERE login LIKE '$login_username' AND user_type>0"; $user_info_result = mysql_query($user_info_query); $row_user = mysql_fetch_array($user_info_result); /*If $row_user returns a value, the password in the user's record is compared to the login password. If there is a match, the login is confirmed. If not, a message is printed letting the user know the password is incorrect.*/ if ($row_user) { if ($row_user['passwd'] == $login_password) { $_SESSION['user_type'] = "$row_user[user_type]"; $_SESSION['user_id'] = "$row_user[id]"; $_SESSION['user_name'] = "$row_user[name]"; $log_query = "UPDATE Contributors SET last_login = NOW() WHERE id= $row_user[id]"; $log_result = mysql_query($log_query); print ""; } else { print "

Sorry, the password you entered does not match the one in our file. Please try again.

"; } /*If $row_user is empty, it means the username could not be found in the users table. Therefore, the username was entered incorrectly in the login screen.*/ } elseif ($_SESSION['login']) { print "

Sorry, the login name you entered does not exist in our system. Please try again.

"; } print "
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