Elected 1811, Day 1; served to 1814; Elected 1817, Day 1; served to Day 2

The Rev. Isaac Wilkins, like his predecessor Abraham Beach, was a British loyalist during the Revolutionary War, who was called to the clergy only after the tumult of the war years had died away. Still a layman, Wilkins was forced to flee to England in 1775, but returned when British forces recaptured New York.  He set up a farm in Westchester County, which was destroyed in the fighting, although he eventually received compensation for his losses. Wilkins and his wife Isabella emigrated to Nova Scotia, where he became a judge.  After eleven years in Nova Scotia, the Wilkins family returned to New York and Isaac took Anglican orders.  He came to associate himself with High Church views of Church governance.  Wilkins served as the rector of St. Peter's Church in Westchester Village of the Bronx in New York from 1799 until his death in 1830.