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Digital Archives: Resources on recent policies, positions, and statements by and about governing bodies of The Episcopal Church.

Acts of Convention, 1976-2015. The Acts of Convention is an official database of legislative actions and statements of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church. Contact the Archives for pre-1976 legislative history.

Reports to General Convention, 1976-2015. Also known as the "Blue Book", this database is an authentic record of the Church’s interim bodies that are charged to study and consider issues of importance to the wider Episcopal Church.

Resolves of Council, 1976-2016. The Executive Council carries out the work of the General Convention between sessions and serves as the is the governing body of the DFMS (the Church’s corporate entity).

Episcopal Press and News, 1962-2006. Episcopal Press and News is an archive of articles, features, and news items of the Episcopal Church's national news-gathering offices.

Governance Documents of the Episcopal Church. The Archives gathers a collection of formal documents that constitute the Church's canonical texts, including the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church, the Journal proceedings of General Convention.

Episcopal Text Center: The Archives offers selective archival records, topically arranged, as exhibits from its holdings or to highlight information of continuing value and historical interest.  Current topical microsites include The Church Awakens, an exhibit on the African-American Episcopal experience, and Venture in Ministry, an exhibit on the life and work of the twenty-third Presiding Bishop, John Maury Allin.