The Archives of the Episcopal Church welcomes research inquiries from members of the Church and from the general public.  Reference questions are answered in the order in which they are received; however, officers and staff of the General Convention and the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society receive priority assistance.  Research requests should be submitted via the form below.  Access to Church records is governed by an official Access Policy.

The Archives provides thirty minutes of complimentary research.  After the initial thirty minutes, Archives staff will contact researchers with a summary of the search results and an estimate of any applicable Services and Fees.  Members of the General Convention and its interim bodies, and officers of the DFMS are exempt from normal and routine fees.  Please review the fee schedules prior to submitting a request.

Note that family and genealogical records of individual Episcopalians are not held by the Archives.  Sacramental records of births, marriages, and deaths as well as communicant membership of families are maintained by the individual parishes.

For more information, see Genealogical Research in Records of the Episcopal Church.