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Audio-Visual Resources

Audio: Viewpoints Interviews

Name Interview Date  
The Rev. Malcolm Boyd 1963 Listen
The Rev. Malcolm Boyd n.d. Listen
James Brown, Musician July 22, 1969 Listen
The Rev. Dr. John B. Coburn June 19, 1968 Listen
Dr. James Cone, Professor of Theology n.d. Listen
The Rt. Rev. John E. Hines 1967 Listen
The Rt. Rev. John E. Hines July 14, 1965 Listen
The Rt. Rev. John E. Hines 1970 Listen
Langston Hughes, Writer n.d. Listen
Robert F. Kennedy, Senator January 26, 1968 Listen
Muhammed Kenyata, Community Organizer September 4, 1969 Listen
Dr. Martin Luther King Sr., Minister 1970 Listen
The Rev. Daisuke Kitagawa 1965 Listen
E. Eric Lincoln, Professor of Sociology n.d. Listen
Leon Modeste, Director of General Convention Special Program July 19, 1968 Listen
Jackie Robinson, Athlete and Businessman 1964 Listen
The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Washington 1968 Listen
Dr. Charles Willie, Professor of Sociology February 12, 1969 Listen
Charles Wright, Writer July 7, 1963 Listen
The Rev. Nathan Wright Jr. April 18, 1968 (Interview 1) Listen
The Rev. Nathan Wright Jr. April 18, 1968 (Interview 2) Listen


Other Audio Included in Exhibit

Public service radio announcements on racism
Produced by the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church
The Saga of Selma
Excerpt from a radio program produced by John Morris, Executive Director of ESCRU, documenting a confrontation in Selma, Alabama
March, 1965
Special General Convention Highlights
An audio recording of highlights from the Special General Convention


Video Clips Included in Exhibit

Conference on Afro-Anglicanism
October 29, 1985
Silent Film of Bishop Payne School c.1920
Silent Film of Fort Valley and Calhoun Schools c.1920
Silent Film of St. Paul's College c.1920
Video featuring Pauli Murray, from TV series "On the Road" 1985