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The staff of the Archives of the Episcopal Church extend their heartfelt greetings from Austin, Texas where they are researching, gathering, and reporting on previous actions of General Convention that directly relate to current resolutions being considered by the 80th General Convention in Baltimore.

The past two years have found The Archives of the Episcopal Church experiencing a great deal of transition that included the physical move of the Church’s historical collections from their 60-year home on the campus of The Seminary of the Southwest to an interim location in Austin, Texas. 

Once the collection was successfully relocated in mid-2021, the staff turned to the careful audit and organization of several thousand cubic feet of records.  The move was completed in January of this year at which time, Mark J. Duffy, Canonical Archivist and Director, announced his retirement effective March 31, 2022. 

During that same period, several staff members left to pursue other opportunities, precipitating the promotion of two part-time staff members just in time for everyone to turn their attention to the upcoming General Convention.

Legislative Research Reports

Given all these events, the Archives made the difficult decision, supported by the Executive Secretary and GCO colleagues, to remain in Austin during this Convention and to provide remote research services in the following ways.

Legislative Research Reports
You will find the Archives’ Legislative Research Reports here. This page contains links to previous legislation and documents relating to resolutions submitted to the General Convention meeting in Baltimore, July 7th-14th, 2022. 

Other Research
For additional research on previous actions or topics considered by General Convention, please contact the Archives using the Research Request Form.  Be sure to identify yourself as a Legislative Committee member to receive a priority response.

If your inquiry is time sensitive, please call the Archives directly at 512-472-6816.

The Archives staff look forward to the possibility of seeing everyone in Louisville in 2024 and wish each of you a safe and successful 80th General Convention.

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