Archives Advisory Committee (2023-2024)


Mr. Lawrence R. Hitt, II, Chair (2024)
Ms. Margaret Evans Porter, Vice Chair (2024)
Mr. Kent Anker (2024)
The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Barlowe (2024)
The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows (2024)
Dr. Heather Calloway (2024)
Dr. Victor A. Feliberty-Ruberté (2024)
Ms. Whitney Hughes, Interim Director (2024)
The Rev. W. Keith McCoy (2024)
Mr. Russell Randle (2027)
The Rt. Rev. Samuel Rodman (2027)
The Rt. Rev. Martha E. Stebbins (2027)
The Rev. Canon Gregory Straub (2027)
The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton (2027)
Ms. Julia Ayala Harris, Ex Officio (2024)
Ms. Jane Cisluycis, Ex Officio (2024)
The Most Rev. Michael Curry, Ex Officio (2024)


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Speaking of Archives:

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