Our Mission

The mission of The Archives of the Episcopal Church is to honor the diverse history of The Episcopal Church and to assist the faithful in fulfilling the Baptismal Covenant.

Vision Statement

The Archives of the Episcopal Church seeks to explore and unlock institutional and community memory to frame new reflections on our unfolding mission.  The Archives aspires to connect the Church’s history with today’s ministries and to create pathways for discerning new ways to engage in God’s creation.


The Archives of the Episcopal Church is an agency of the General Convention and a wholly owned entity of the corporate parent body, the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.  Governance of the Archives is entrusted to the Board of Archives, which reports to the General Convention and the Executive Council.  The Board’s mandate and the work entrusted to the Archives are defined by the Church’s Canon laws under Canon I.5.