The Rev. Frederick Ebenezer John Lloyd began publishing the Clerical Directory in 1898, calling it Lloyd's Clerical Directory (1898-1913) and The American Church Clergy and Parish Directory (1903-1905). Around 1916, Lloyd sold the directory to the Rev. Andrew David Stowe and the publication became Stowe's Clerical Directory of the American Church (1917-1938).  Following Stowe’s death in 1925, the directory continued to be published by G. Stowe Fish.

Beginning in 1941, the Church Hymnal Corporation (Church Publishing Incorporated) began publishing the directory under the name:  Stowe’s Clerical Directory of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (1941-1965), The Clerical Directory of the Episcopal Church (1968), The Episcopal Clergy Directory (1972), and The Episcopal Clerical Directory (1975-present).

Beginning in 1950, the directory was revised and published every three years following General Convention. Since 1975, the directory has been published every two years.

For access to volumes after 1999, please submit a research request.



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