Collection: Audio

The Rev. Malcolm Boyd draws on his experiences as a university chaplain to explain youth culture and the challenges facing young people, and discusses the moral consequences of mass media, 1963.

The Rev. Malcolm Boyd discusses “the Establishment Church.”

Musician James Brown talks about what it means to be “black and proud", 1969.

The Rev. Dr. John B. Coburn reflects upon his time in Harlem and on the resilience of the human spirit in even the worst environments, 1968.

Dr. James Cone, Professor of Theology and author of “Black Theology and Black Power”, explains the fundamental liberating message of “black theology” and the importance of an equality of power before reconciliation is possible.

Bishop Hines predicts the issues that will be the focus of the 1967 General Convention in Seattle.

Bishop Hines considers the role and responsibilities of both clergy and lay ministry in the world, 1965.

Presiding Bishop Hines discusses the General Convention Special Program and the Church’s response to racial crisis, 1970.

Poet Langston Hughes reads two of his works, “The Feet of Jesus” and “My Lord,” and discusses the influence of spirituals on the rhythms of his poetry.

Senator Robert F. Kennedy reflects upon the disparity between America’s moral leadership in the world and the very real problems of inequity, poverty, and racism within America itself, 1968.