Collection: Transitions

Public Service Radio Announcements
Album cover for public service radio announcements on racism produced by the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, 1969.

Bible School Class At St. Philip, Dallas 1950
An all-black bible school class in Dallas, 1950.

Ohio Department Of Christian Social Relations
The Ohio Department of Christian Social Relations, 1954.

All White Study Group, St. Mary's Junior College, Raleigh 1957
An all-white study group at St. Mary’s Junior College in Raleigh, 1957.

An Integrated Group Of Children At Summer Camp
An integrated group of children at St. Augustine’s Church Summer Camp in Galveston, Texas, 1947.

Apprentices With Children At Youth Consultation Services In Newark, NJ
Apprentices with children in Newark, New Jersey, at Youth Consultation Services, a member agency of the Episcopal Service for Youth, c. 1952.

Integrated Palm Sunday Procession In St. Louis
A group from the integrated church of St. Stephen’s celebrating Palm Sunday in St. Louis, Missouri, 1957.

Rt. Rev. John M. Burgess
The Right Reverend John M. Burgess, c. 1967.

Rt. Rev Quintin E. Primo
The Right Reverend Quintin Ebenezer Primo, Jr., c. 1970.

Position Statement In Support Of Black Power
Position statement formulated in support of Black Power by the National Committee of Negro Churchmen, signed by nine Episcopalians including Suffragan Bishop Burgess of Massachusetts, 1966.