A Lifelong Pledge

Allin Sewanee Chancellor

Allin served as 17th Chancellor of The University of the South from 1973-1979.


Allin’s formative years at Sewanee initiated a lasting loyalty and commitment. He served in many leadership positions there throughout his life. Allin held the position of president of St. Luke’s Alumni Association, and from 1961 onward, he served as a Sewanee Trustee. He completed two six-year terms (1965-1971 and 1979-1985) on the Board of Regents, and was Sewanee’s seventeenth Chancellor from 1973 to 1979. Allin also participated in the University’s fund-raising activities as part of the Campaign Steering Committee and Century II program, and he served as interim chaplain in 1987. In addition to his leadership roles, the university campus itself was a meaningful place to Allin. He lived there for three years in retirement and chose its grounds for the interment of his ashes.

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A Lifelong Pledge