The Lovett School Controversy

Stines And Boyd In Protest At The Lovett School, 1963

ESCRU members, the Reverend Malcolm Boyd and the Reverend Henri A. Stines, picketing in front of Lovett School, 1963.


Undeterred by the headmaster’s resignation and determined to uphold a segregated institution, parents and members of the Board of Directors faced off against ESCRU and other church members who demanded a change in policy. A picket of the school began in the Autumn of 1963 and occurred on approximately half the school days in October and November. ESCRU members and other church supporters endured taunts, hate mail, and months of inclement weather to effect a change in the school’s policy. The picketing continued into early 1964. Eventually, Bishop Randolph Claiborne of the Diocese of Atlanta, revoked John Morris’ license to officiate when Morris publicly challenged the bishop to obey Episcopal Church policy on desegregation.


To thwart integration, the Episcopal school board amended Lovett School’s charter and by-laws. Nominally, at least, the Diocese of Atlanta and the segregated school had severed their official ties, although the dean of St. Philip's Cathedral remained the chair of the board of Lovett School. The provision requiring two-thirds of the board members to be Episcopalians remained in place. [Sources]