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General Citation Information for this Exhibit
Author: The Archives of the Episcopal Church
Title: Venture in Ministry: John Maury Allin, XIII Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, 1974-1985
Publisher: The Archives of the Episcopal Church
Publication date: 2016
Main url: www.episcopalarchives.org/jma-presiding-bishop

Mark J. Duffy, Canonical Archivist and Director
Whitney Hughes, Digital Archivist
Keely Drummond, Exhibit Curator
Amy FitzGerald, Research Assistant
Drew Schmitz and Delia Gray, Technical Assistants
Thank you to all staff of The Archives for their curatorial support.

Special thanks to those who contributed materials or support to this exhibit:
The Allin Family
The Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi
The Sisters of the Community of the Transfiguration
The Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas
Jessie Ball duPont Library, The University of the South

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