Black Union

Union Of Black Episcopalians Position Statement

Position Statement of the Union of Black Episcopalians, c. 1972.

It was inevitable that a group founded by African Americans should take the place of a group founded by whites in the Church’s civil rights and justice movement. The Union of Black Clergy and Laity made its presence known at the 1969 Special General Convention with the presentation of the Black Manifesto. Black Power as the voice of the Civil Rights movement took center stage in challenging the practice of accommodation by the Church’s governing bodies and leadership.

The organization changed its name in 1971 to the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE). The group dedicated itself to achieving justice for all those of African descent and ministering to the specific needs of blacks in the Episcopal Church. The UBE continues today to fight racism in the Church and the world and encourages the involvement of Afro-Anglicans in every aspect of the life and work of the Episcopal Church. [Sources]

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