December 12, 1975

Picture Caption: Dr. Cynthia Wedel


Diocesan Press Service

[#75441 Dr. Cynthia Wedel,...]
Dr. Cynthia Wedel, one of six new presidents of the World Council of Churches, gives a report at the recent meeting of the Fifth Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, at which she was elected to her post. Dr. Wedel, a U.S. Episcopalian, is a past president of the National Council of Churches, and a psychologist associated with the National Resource Center for Voluntarism in Washington, D.C. In an interview, she predicted that the next seven years until the Sixth Assembly will be marked more by a deepening and strengthening of WCC forces than by turning new corners. Dr. Wedel and Presiding Bishop John M. Allin were the two Episcopalians who were elected to the WCC Central Committee. (Photo Credit Must Read: RELIGIOUS NEWS SERVICE PHOTO).