Lambeth Peace Pilgrimage Lost in the Shuffle

Episcopal News Service. September 15, 1988 [88194A]

NEW YORK (DPS, Sep. 15) -- Lost amidst the clamor over women bishops and authority in the Anglican Communion at this summer's Lambeth Conference was the quiet witness of the Lambeth Peace Pilgrimage. Sponsored by the Episcopal Peace Fellowship (Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.) and the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship (Church of England), the Peace Pilgrimage set off from Southwark Cathedral in London on Tuesday, July 12, and walked to Canterbury some 75 miles away via the route taken by Chaucer's pilgrims, the "Pilgrim's Way". Upon arrival at Canterbury Cathedral on the opening day of the Conference, July 17, statements on peace and justice were laid at the Shrine of St. Thomas of Canterbury. The oldest and youngest participants in the pilgrimage were Americans: Dr. Margaret Morgan Lawrence (the oldest) from the Diocese of New York and Jacynda Williams (the youngest) from the Diocese of Pennsylvania.