Chinnis to Nominate a Vice-president for Deputies to Serve in Indianapolis

Episcopal News Service. October 7, 1993 [93171]

In an October 5 letter to all deputies and alternate deputies of the 1994 General Convention in Indianapolis, President of the House of Deputies Pamela Chinnis, has revealed that she will nominate the Rev. Barnum McCarty of Jacksonville, Florida, to serve as vice-president.

In her letter, Chinnis noted that the canons require the election of a secretary and vice-president of the House of Deputies before it can begin its business. The Rev. Wallace Frey, who was elected vice-president of the House of Deputies at the 1991 General Convention in Phoenix, resigned his position in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations in 1992.

Since there are no provisions to fill a vacancy in the vice-presidency until the convention convenes, "whoever is elected must be ready to begin serving immediately -- without the benefit of a triennium in office prior to the convention itself," Chinnis wrote.

A seasoned deputy

Chinnis said that she took initiative to nominate a candidate who would not seek reelection for a full term in the 1994-1997 triennium, but who could be prepared to help organize the house and "begin business on the first day."

Describing McCarty as a "well-respected and seasoned deputy" who has a "distinguished 37-year ministry," including extensive diocesan, provincial and national church experience, Chinnis said that he has expressed a willingness to serve in Indianapolis, if elected, and clearly states that he will not be a candidate for office beyond the General Convention.

"Deputies are, of course, free to nominate others if they wish; the decision belongs to the whole house, not simply to the president," Chinnis wrote. Yet, she expressed hope that her nomination might "enable us to move quickly to the business of the convention and ensure a fair and open process for electing officers for 1994-1997."