A Statement Made by Certain Bishops in the Face of the Impending Trial of Bishop Righter

Episcopal News Service. October 19, 1995 [95-1280]

We the undersigned recognize the witness of the Rt. Rev. Walter C. Righter to the Christ who lived, died and rose for the salvation of all. Walter Righter's trial is a trial of the Gospel, a trial of justice, a trial of fairness, and a trial of the church. We stand with Bishop Righter. We feel charged as Bishop Righter is charged. We feel on trial as Bishop Righter is on trial. Should he be found guilty, we are guilty. Should Bishop righter be sentenced, we will accept his sentence as our own.

Allen L. Bartlett, Jr., Pennsylvania; George S. Bates, Utah; William Burrill, Rochester; Steve Charleston, Alaska; Jane Holmes Dixon, Suffragan of Washington; Ronald H. Haines, Washington; Sanford Z.K. Hampton, Suffragan of Minnesota; Barbara C. Harris, Suffragan of Massachusetts; George N. Hunt, Acting Bishop of Hawaii; James L. Jelinek, Minnesota; Jack M. McKelvey, Suffragan of Newark; M. Thomas Shaw, Massachusetts; Richard L. Shimpfky, El Camino Real; John S. Spong, Newark; Orris G. Walker, Long Island; R. Stewart Wood, Jr., Michigan; Tom Ray, Northern Michigan; Roger Blanchard, Retired of Southern Ohio; John M. Burgess, Retired of Massachusetts; John Harris Burt, Retired of Ohio; George C. Cadigan, Retired of Missouri; Otis Charles, Retired of Utah; David R. Cochran, Retired of Alaska; Robert DeWitt, Retired of Pennsylvania; A. Theodore Eastman, Retired of Maryland; John E. Hines, Retired Presiding Bishop; John Krumm, Retired Southern Ohio; H. Coleman McGehee, Jr., Retired of Michigan; William Marmion, Retired of Southwestern Virginia; Paul Moore, Jr., Retired of New York; Quintin E. Primo, Retired, Suffragan of Chicago; George E. Rath, Retired of Newark; Francisco Reus-Froylen, Retired of Puerto Rico; Robert R. Spears, Jr., Retired of Rochester; Richard M. Trelease, Retired of Rio Grande; Frederick B. Wolf, Retired of Maine