Resolution Number: 2006-C030
Title: On the Topic of Canon III.1.2 [Of the Ministry of All Baptized Persons]
Legislative Action Taken: Rejected
Final Text:

Resolution died with adjournment. See Legislative History for original text of resolution.

Legislative History

Author: Diocese of California
Originating House: House of Deputies
Originating Committee: Committee on Canons

House of Deputies

The House of Deputies Committee on Canons presented its Report #14 on Resolution C030 (Amend Canons: Title III, Canon 1, Section 2) recommending discharge, and re-referral of the resolution to the Committee on Ministry.

Motion carried

Resolution re-referred to a Legislative Committee

(Communicated to the House of Bishops in HD Message #127)

Resolution Died With Adjournment.

Abstract:   The 75th General Convention rejects a resolution to amend Canon III.1.2 regarding access to the discernment process.