Resolution Number: 2015-C023
Title: On the Topic of Amending Canon 1.17.7 [Respecting the Laity]
Legislative Action Taken: Rejected
Final Text:

Resolution Rejected. See Legislative History for original text of resolution.

Citation: General Convention, Journal of the General Convention of...The Episcopal Church, Salt Lake City, 2015 (New York: General Convention, 2015), p. 306.

Legislative History

Author: Diocese of El Camino Real
Originating House: House of Bishops
Originating Committee: Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music

House of Bishops

The House of Bishops Committee on Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music presented its Report #17 on Resolution C023 (Amend Canon I.17.7) and moved the resolution, recommending rejection.

Original Text of Resolution:


Resolved, the House of Deputies concurring, That the following section of Title I is hereby amended to read as follows:

Canon I.17.7. No unbaptized person shall be eligible to receive Holy Communion in this Church, except as provided as follows:

(a) The unbaptized person must be receiving communion with the intent of beginning or strengthening a relationship with Christ and eventually being baptized, and the clergy in charge of the congregation in which the person is receiving shall provide counsel as needed.

(b) Congregations inviting the unbaptized to receive communion must do so as a part of an evangelistic plan to welcome all people to Christ’s table and to strengthen them in their relationship with Christ and the Church.

Motion defeated

Resolution rejected

(Communicated to the House of Deputies in HB Message #117)

Resolution Rejected.

Abstract:   The 78th General Convention rejects a resolution to amend Canon I.17.7 to bar the unbaptized from receiving Holy Communion.