Full Legislative History
Resolution Number: 1994-D136
Title: Recommit Church to Combat Racism Through a New Covenant
Legislative Action Taken: Concurred
Final Text:

Resolved, and in response to the House of Bishop's Pastoral Letter on Racism, That we do hereby commit ourselves afresh to combat racism in this Church and in society, and to hold ourselves accountable to this new convenant. Following the lead of the bishops, each of us will take a personal inventory of racist attitudes as a basis for transforming our lives in the following ways:

We refuse to participate in overtly and intentionally racially discriminatory clubs or other institutions;

We refuse to participate in racially denigrating jokes and stories;

We will listen carefully to those on the margins of society;

We will seek to transform a socio-economic system that drives many into poverty, alienation, despair and violence;

We will consistently place a high priority on the inclusion of people of color in our efforts to evangelize;

We will attend closely to the Good News God wants to tell us through people of color;

We will develop strategies to recruit and deploy people of color, lay and clergy, at every level, and work for their inclusion in the decision-making processes of our Church;

We will encourage, under the direction of the Ordinary, the use of liturgical expressions and the development of educational programs that reflect the Church's racial and ethnic composition, and clearly articulate the Good News that in Jesus Christ every barrier that separates God's people is broken down;

We will continue to work to fulfill the Baptismal Covenant: "Will you strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being? I will with God's help" (BCP p. 305); and be it further

Resolved, That the Secretary of the General Convention be directed to distribute signatory pages for deputies and bishops of each diocese, and as evidence of our commitment to hold ourselves accountable, we the undersigned meeting in Indianapolis in 1994 do hereby affix our signatures and ask that the same be spread upon the Journal of this Convention.

Citation: General Convention, Journal of the General Convention of...The Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, 1994 (New York: General Convention, 1995), pp. 816-17.