Full Legislative History
Resolution Number: 2018-D081
Title: Call for Community Development Efforts and Government Policy Initiatives to Address Transition to Clean Energy
Legislative Action Taken: Concurred as Amended
Final Text:

Resolved, That the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church recognize that society's dependence on coal and other fossil fuels has created communities across the supply chain that are not just economically, but also culturally and socially identified with the industry; and that the long-term unsustainability of those fuels and inevitable transition to other sources of energy places the livelihood and culture of these communities at risk; and be it further

Resolved, That The Episcopal Church call on its members to develop programs that address the negative impacts on these communities of the economic and energy transition away from fossil fuels; and that it specifically urge the staff responsible for Reconciliation, Justice, and Creation Care to devote financial and program resources to community development and community organizing efforts intended to ease this transition and strengthen communities in fossil fuel dependent areas; and be it further

Resolved, That The Episcopal Church authorize the Office of Government Relations and the Episcopal Public Policy Network to advocate for policy initiatives intended to ease this transition for communities in fossil fuel dependent areas by increasing the availability and quality of jobs; access to vocational training, college and other educational opportunities; availability of childcare and early childhood education; access to adequate and stable housing; and other relevant community services, including support for agencies such as the Appalachian Regional Commission and others that invest in community development in these regions.

Citation: General Convention, Journal of the General Convention of...The Episcopal Church, Austin, 2018 (New York: General Convention, 2018), p. 687.