Title: Response to Gun Violence
ID: EXC061999.19
Committee: International and National Concerns (report 11)
Citation: Executive Council Minutes, Jun. 14-17, 1999, Appleton, WI, pp. 32-33.

Resolved, That Executive Council, meeting in the Diocese of Fond du Lac, June 14-18, 1999, in support of past General Convention resolutions, urges the U.S. Congress to pass comprehensive gun control and safety legislation, restricting children's access to guns and requiring thorough background checks for new gun purchases; and be it

Resolved, That the Council notes the development of its Stop Hate resource pamphlet and encourages its use throughout the Church, and further supports all efforts in the Church, including in its schools, to address the tragedy of hate in America and gun violence among children and young people in our schools and communities, and recommends an intentional response to this violence when General Convention meets in Denver, Colorado in 2000. (See Appendix L -- Attachment to resolution)

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