Title: Support for US Immigration Reform
ID: EXC062005.40
Committee: National Concerns (report 32)
Citation: Executive Council Minutes, Jun. 13-17, 2005, Louisville, KY, p. 29.

Resolved, That the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, meeting in Louisville, Kentucky from June 13-16, 2005, concerned about serious flaws in the US immigration system, supports the enactment of legislation which would:

permit the orderly entry of legal workers to the US to respond to recognized labor force needs;

ensure that close family members be allowed to enter or be reunited with individuals legally entering the US to accept employment;

permit undocumented migrants residing in the US at the time of the enactment of legislation to pursue legal residence and eventual citizenship if they are employed or responding to an offer of employment; and

ensure that migrants working legally in the US be granted the rights and benefits accorded US workers, including the right to change employment.

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