Title: Support for Campaign Finance Reform
ID: EXC062016.07
Committee: Advocacy and Networking for Mission (report 10)
Citation: Executive Council Minutes, Jun. 8-10, 2016, Chaska, MN, p. 8.

Resolved, That the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church, meeting in Chaska, Minnesota, June 8-10, 2016, reaffirms its recognition that the process of voting and political participation is an act of Christian stewardship, and renews its call to the President and to U.S. Congress to restore and repair the Voting Rights Act; and be it further

Resolved, That in the aftermath of the Citizens United Ruling of 2010 and with the rise of super PACs in the electoral process, the Executive Council recognizes the need for policy to delineate fair limitations on the influence of corporate interests in elections; and be it further

Resolved, That in the spirit of just political participation, The Episcopal Church urges Episcopalians to engage in legislative advocacy for campaign finance reform and other efforts to increase transparency in election finance and to reduce the influence of special interest money in politics.

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