The Digital Record

The Resolves of the Executive Council is a digital archive of the votes taken by Executive Council for the period 1976 to 2011. The Archives of the Episcopal Church has created this electronic record in response to a request of Executive Council (EXC111992.16). In creating a digital archive, the Archives has examined and authenticated the minutes, resolutions and votes of Executive Council and attests that the text herein is a reliable, accurate, and trustworthy extract of the official record. The user should note, however, that the digital record is a representation of the original record and not a complete or exact reproduction of the engrossed copy. Changes to the text have been made only in those rare cases where the original text was insufficiently rendered in the paper format to provide an intelligible narrative (additions and alterations are clearly noted in brackets), or where an obvious typographical error occurred in the recorder's minutes. Preliminary "Whereas" clauses have been left in the text in those cases where they formed part of the voted resolution (rather than being set apart in an explanatory note as is the case with most resolutions).

All votes taken by Council have been included. Each resolution is accompanied by a unique identifying number assigned by the Archives (e.g.: EXC111992.16 which means Executive Council vote number 16 recorded sequentially at the meeting of November 1992), and a short title also assigned by the Archives. The originating Council committee or body and a citation to the original minutes are included in the record. Supplementary documents and other explanatory text (often referenced in the body of a resolution) have not been added to the digital record at this time.

Please consult The Archives of the Episcopal Church for supplementary texts, for additional information on any topic, to report questionable data, or to obtain help in using this resource:

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