Founded in 1980 as an independent national organization of Episcopal women, the Episcopal Women's History Project has played an important role in recovering and documenting the lives of women who have made outstanding contributions to the Episcopal Church.  The Project aims to raise awareness about the historic place of women in the Church and their ethnic, racial, regional, and class diversity.  Since its formation, the group has produced historical resources, conducted oral history interviews, published a newsletter, distributed grants, and supported and encouraged research and scholarship related to Episcopal women's history.  The Project has been a model for similar efforts in other faith communities. The Archives serves as the official repository for EWHP. Organizational records include minutes, correspondence, conference agendas, biographical data, resource files, program documentation, oral history guidelines, other interview-related material, and a selective run of the EWHP newsletter, Timelines, 1980-2011. The EWHP archive also includes a substantial collection of oral histories and oral interviews.

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