Allin In Philippines

Allin and Ann participate in a lively worship service in the Philippines, 1985.

Allin Passport

Allin’s passport, 1979. By the end of his time as Presiding Bishop, Allin had circled the globe three times.

“...those are the travels of a Presiding Bishop: at every place memorable individuals, some of whose names I don't remember–but of hospitality and gifts and faith, and seeing people living under great difficulties, and yet something in every place that cheered you.” 32

Allin traveled extensively both at home and abroad. By the end of his time as Presiding Bishop, he had spent approximately eighty percent of his tenure traveling. Allin felt that the real blessings were the people he met, not sitting in assemblies and meeting rooms, but getting to know them over a cup of tea and casual conversation. Forming bonds of friendship, mutual trust, and love could facilitate solutions and open uncharted territory. Visits and memories of his travels gave shape to Allin’s life as Presiding Bishop as he discovered the breadth of responsibilities of his office.