Allin All Saints' Chapel Vicksburg

Allin celebrates Holy Eucharist at All Saints’ College, Vicksburg, MS, c.1961.

All Saints’ College

In 1958 Allin returned to education, leaving behind a comfortable position and large congregation at Grace in Monroe to take on what he later described as the “hardest job in the Church,” that of being headmaster in a girls school. He became president and headmaster of All Saints’ College, Vicksburg, Mississippi, a small Episcopal school owned by the Dioceses of Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. Allin had been a trustee of the school during his time at Grace Episcopal Church in Monroe. When the position opened at All Saints’ school, and the search for a candidate began, other trustees turned to Allin who they believed was better qualified to take the post than any of the applicants. Allin was unsure of his qualifications, recalling that even one of his references for the job, Bishop Girault Jones Louisiana, told the hiring committee he was “not sure Allin could do the job, but his wife Ann would be such an asset that it would be worth taking a chance.” 13

At this rural school in Mississippi, no job proved too small. Ann recalled that he did everything from plumbing to taking care of the horses at All Saints’ school. One news source claimed that under Allin, the school’s enrollment increased thirty-five percent and participation in community service expanded. Allin was soon disabused of his assumption that a seminary degree would be sufficient qualification or experience for him to act as headmaster. He sought additional training in a Master of Education program at Mississippi College, a Southern Baptist school. Allin successfully earned his degree, but his time at All Saints’ school was brief as his career took an unexpected turn.

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