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Resolution Number Title Legislative Action Taken Abstract
2015-D021 On the Topic of the Denominational Health Plan Rejected The 78th General Convention rejects a request that the CPG reevaluate the Denominational Health Plan mandate in light of the Affordable Care Act and other local diocesan considerations.
2015-D073 Support Home and Community Services for the Disabled Concurred as Amended The 78th General Convention calls on states to fund Medicaid and publicly funded home and community services for the disabled, and end the segregation of developmentally disabled persons.
2012-A137 Refer a Resolution on Infertility Treatment Insurance Referred The 77th General Convention refers a resolution urging health insurance coverage for infertility treatment, and reaffirms maternity and paternity leave support for clergy.
2012-A140 Advocate for Maternal and Infant Health Concurred as Amended The 77th General Convention directs the Church and its insurance providers to take action to advocate and support maternal health and infant development.
2012-B026 Reaffirm Denominational Health Plan and Explore Equitable Costs Concurred as Amended The 77th General Convention reaffirms that entities subject to Church authority shall enroll in the Episcopal Church Medical Trust, and requests the Medical Trust explore alternative strategies for achieving an equitable sharing of premium costs.
2009-A160 Support Medical Care Reform to Include HIV/AIDS Treatment Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention grieves the high rates of HIV infection in our African American communities; urges the inclusion of HIV/AIDS in any health care plan; and asks the Church to advocate for equal access to medical care.
2009-A177 Amend Canon I.8 to Establish a Denominational Health Plan Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention establishes the principles of a denominational heath plan for Episcopal Church entities and amends Canon I.8 to authorize the Church Pension Fund to administer the plan for clergy and lay employees who work a minimum of 1,500 hours annually.
2009-C051 Support Care and Fellowship for Veterans Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention encourages education and action on behalf of veterans, especially those wounded by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
2009-C071 Urge Advocacy for Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention calls on congregations to study the issue of healthcare coverage and to urge governmental action on basic healthcare to all.
2009-D048 Urge Passage of a Universal Health Care Program Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention urges federal legislation establishing a universal health care program, requests an assessment of healthcare policy options, and directs that the Church work with others to achieve universal health care coverage.
2009-D088 Urge Passage of Comprehensive Health Care Insurance Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention urges adoption of legislation guaranteeing adequate healthcare and insurance for every US citizen.
2006-A147 Study the Costs and Issues of Healthcare Benefits for All Clergy Concurred The 75th General Convention endorses the Church Pension Group's proposal to study the costs and issues of healthcare benefits for all clergy and lay employees.
2003-A020 On the Topic of the Availability of HIV Medications Rejected The 74th General Convention rejects a resolution urging the availability of HIV drugs for those in developing countries.
2003-A122 On the Topic of Improving Health Care for Children Rejected The 74th General Convention rejects a resolution on improving health care access for children.
2003-A124 Reestablish a Standing Commission on Health Concurred as Substituted The 74th General Convention reestablishes a Standing Commission on Health and directs Executive Council to appoint a staff person at Church Center to assist this Commission.
2000-A051 Support Initiatives to Make Available AIDS-related Medications Concurred as Amended The 73rd General Convention supports initiatives to make available at affordable prices AIDS-related medications and to encourage fair access and distribution in poor countries.
2000-A078 Call on Lawmakers and Physicians to Provide Hospice and Palliative Care Concurred The 73rd General Convention calls on lawmakers and physicians to provide adequate and comprehensive hospice and palliative care for persons approaching death.
2000-A079 Create an Association of Episcopal Health Care Groups and Individuals Concurred as Substituted The 73rd General Convention directs the Office of the Bishop for the Armed Services, Healthcare and Prison Ministries to work with Episcopal health care groups, individuals, and the Office of Government Relations to communicate the Church's positions on health-related public policies.
1997-A059 Authorize a Theological Guide on the Church's Response to Health Care Concurred as Amended The 72nd General Convention authorizes use of a consultant to produce a theology and study guide on the changing role of the Church in the new health care environment.
1994-A057 Adopt Church Principles on Access to Health Care Concurred As Amended The 71st General Convention adopts four principles as the position of the Church regarding universal access to quality, cost effective health care services.
1994-C038 Commend Health Care Reform Principles Referred The 71st General Convention refers to an interim body the resolution commending health care reform principles.
1991-A009 Encourage Early Intervention, Anonymous Testing and Treatment for HIV Concurred The 70th General Convention affirms and encourages early intervention and anonymous testing, counseling and medical treatment for HIV.
1991-A010 Advocate Legislation for Comprehensive Health Care Concurred The 70th General Convention asserts the right of all individuals to medically necessary health care. It encourages the Church to advocate legislation for comprehensive medical benefits.
1991-A093 Establish Principles With Regard to the Prolongation of Life Concurred As Amended The 70th General Convention sets forth eight principles and guidelines with regard to the discontinuation of life-sustaining treatment and the sacredness of human life.
1991-A094 Recommend Every Diocese to Address Health Issues Concurred As Amended The 70th General Convention recommends that every diocese review existing reports with the intention of addressing issues, establishing guidelines, voicing ethical insights on health matters.
1991-A099 Call for a System of Universal Access to Health Care Concurred The 70th General Convention decries the inequitable health care delivery system in the US and calls for a system of universal health care access.
1991-A137 Provide Certain Lay Employees With Health and Life Insurance Benefits Concurred As Substituted and Amended The 70th General Convention encourages all parishes, missions and Church agencies to provide health and life insurance benefits, comparable to those provided to active clergy in the jurisdiction, for lay employees.
1991-D059 Urge Medicaid to Fund Norplant Implants Concurred The 70th General Convention urges state Medicaid offices to make funds available for Norplant implants.
1991-D096 Include Women and Children in HIV/AIDS Funding Concurred As Amended The 70th General Convention calls upon Congress to include issues of women and children in AIDS/HIV research and treatment. It asks that health agencies define the eligibility requirements for treatment of HIV/AIDS in women and children.
1988-C007 Support the Indian Health Care Improvement Act Concurred As Amended The 69th General Convention supports the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.
1985-A088 Encourage National and Congregational Support of Community Health Services Concurred As Amended The 68th General Convention calls upon the US government to authorize a National Commission on the Reform of Health Care. It encourages local congregations to develop visitation programs, community preventive health programs, and community outreach and services.
1985-B039 Express Mind of the House on Legislation for Early Childhood Programs Adopted The House of Bishops of the 68th General Convention urges Congress to reauthorize the Economic Opportunity Act or a similar policy.
1985-C046 Request a Study of Family Health Care for Retired Clergy Concurred As Amended The 68th General Convention requests the Church Pension Fund to propose a low-cost health care program for clergy eligible for Medicaid and Medicare.
1982-B004 Urge the Adoption of Laws Permitting the Medicinal Use of Marijuana Concurred As Amended The 67th General Convention urges the adoption of laws to permit the therapeutic use of marijuana.
1982-D130 Recognize the Distinction Between the Abuse and Therapeutic Use of Marijuana Concurred The 67th General Convention states that its resolution favoring the use of marijuana for therapeutic use in no way fails to recognize the serious problem of drug abuse.
Resolution Number Title Legislative Action Taken Abstract