Elected Day 1, 1952; served to 1961

The Rev. Theodore (Ted) O. Wedel was born in Halstead, Kansas, in 1892. He began his career in the English profession, receiving a B.A. from Oberlin in 1914, an M.A. from Harvard a year later, and his Ph.D. from Yale in 1918. He taught English at Yale from 1919-1922, and at Carleton College from 1922-1934. Wedel was ordained to the priesthood in 1930, and took a position as secretary for college work with the National Council. In 1939, he began work at the College of Preachers, where he stayed until 1960. In 1939 he became canon chancellor of the Washington Cathedral. He wrote, lectured, and preached prolifically, publishing works on the state and future of the Church as well as Biblical expositions. After the collapse and death of newly-elected President Dean Claude W. Sprouse on the first day of the 1952 General Convention, Wedel was nominated to take his place. He served as President of the House of Deputies for three consecutive General Conventions. His wife, Cynthia Wedel, was a church leader in her own right. Canon Wedel passed away in 1970.


Wedel Biography, 1952. A biography of Theodore O. Wedel in The Living Church, published on Sept. 21, 1952.