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Digital Archive of Episcopal Resources on Marriage

This page contains statements from individual Episcopalians on the biblical, theological, historical, liturgical, and canonical dimensions of marriage. In most cases, these have been excerpted from larger works. These resources are under the copyright of the creator and are provided for the exlusive use of the A050 Task Force on the Study of Marriage for purposes of study and discussion.

Church-Wide Resources


Encouraging Conversation: Resources for Talking About Same-Sex Blessings (Table of Contents only)
Frederica Harris Thompsett, Ed., Morehouse Publising: 2013 (Doc. 015).


Notes for a Theology of Same-sex Relationships
The Rt. Rev. Pierre Whalon: 2011 (Doc. 065).


Research Report: Educational Materials Relating to the Revision of the Marriage Canons
The Archives of the Episcopal Church: 2010 (Doc. 061).


As My Own Soul: The Blessing of Same-Gender Marriage (Chapter 4 only)
Chris Glaser, Church Publishing: 2009 (Doc. 064).


Lawfully Joined: Same-Sex Marriage in Light of the Church's Traditional and Liturgical Practice
Tobias S. Haller, BSG: 1997, Revised 2005 (Doc. 014).


The Crisis in Moral Teaching in The Episcopal Church (Chapter 1 only)
Timothy F. Sedgwick, et. al., Eds., Morehouse Publishing: 1992 (Doc. 012).


On Pilgrimage: Marriage in the '70s (Chapter 7 only)
John H. Snow, Seabury Press: 1982 (Doc. 010).


The Christian Moral Vision (Chapters 7 and 13 only)
Earl H. Brill, Harper & Row: 1979 (Doc. 013).


Male and Female: Christian Approaches to Sexuality (Chapters 6 and 19 only)
Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse, et. al., Eds., Seabury Press: 1976 (Doc. 009).


I John Take Thee Mary: A Book of Christian Marriage (Chapters 4 and 5 only)
Robert N. Rodenmayer, Seabury Press: 1962 (Doc. 011).


A Christian Philosophy of Marriage
The Rev. G. Douglas Krumbhaar, Forward Movement: 1956 (Doc. 005).

A Statement on Holy Matrimony in Harmony with the Form of Solemnization of Matrimony in the Book of Common Prayer
The Rev. Edward B. Guerry, STM: [1955] (Doc. 016).


Anglican Law of Marriage and the American Marriage Legislation of 1946-1949
Spencer Ervin, Esq., Trinity Press: [1949] (Doc. 007).

Five Essays on Marriage
Burton Scott Easton, et. al. at the request of the Joint Commission on Holy Matrimony, The Cloister Press: [1949] (Doc. 004).

The Marriage Canons from a Bishop's Point of View
The Rt. Rev. William Appleton Lawrence, Church Congress Syllabus 54: 1949 (Doc. 008).


An Introduction to the Study of Canon 41
Frank Gavin, et. al.: [1937] (Doc. 063).


Christian Marriage
The Rev. Caleb R. Stetson, Trinity Church: January 31, 1932 (Doc. 006).


The Sacraments
The Rev. Francis J. Hall, Longmans, Green and Co.: 1921 (Doc. 060).

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