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I. Archives Research Report

The Church's Contemporary Response to Racism: A History of Anti-Racism Training in the Episcopal Church

II. Supporting Documents on Anti-Racism Training

The following resolutions, blue book reports, pastoral letters, canons, and articles are referenced in the Research Report, which was created in 2015 at the request of the Anti-Racism Committee.

General Convention Resolutions

1952 Racial Discrimination
1955 Racial Cooperation
1958 Racial Discrimination
1961 Prejudice Inconsistent with the Gospel
1964 Amend Canon 16.4
1967 Equal Opportunity (Clergy)
1967 Equality of Man (ESCRU Petition)
1969 Executive Council - Racial Programs
1973 Ethnic and Racial Minorities - Executive Council Program
1979-B052 Implement an Institutional Program of Racial Justice in the Church
1979-B093 Implement an Affirmative Action Program for Church Employment
1982-A062 Request Dioceses and Congregations to Establish Committees on Racism
1982-A152 Ratify the Executive Council's Affirmative Action Plan
1988-A092 Request Executive Council to Establish a Commission on Racism
1991-A082 Require Racial and Ethnic Representation on Interim Bodies
1991-A085 Instruct Interim Bodies to Examine Effects of Forms of Discrimination
1991-A090 Reduce Discrimination in Clergy Deployment
1991-A199 Urge Each Diocese to Conduct an Audit on Institutional Racism
1991-A241 Approve the Episcopal Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Scholarship Fund
1991-B051 Call for the Removal of Racism from the Life of the Nation
1991-D113 Address Institutional Church Racism in the Next Three Triennia
1991-D043 Urge Dioceses to Commit to Ending Racism
1994-A047 Establish Overcoming the Sin of Racism As a Priority in Parishes
1994-A048 Encourage all Church Bodies to Make Overcoming the Sin of Racism a Priority
1994-D135 Oversee Monitoring of Full Integration of People of Color in Church Structures
1994-D136 Recommit Church to Combat Racism Through a New Covenant
1997-A039 Reaffirm General Convention Resolutions on Racism
1997-D075 Establish Resource Center for Materials on Racism
2000-A047 Extend Anti-Racism Commitment for Another Nine Years
2000-B049 Require Anti-Racism Training
2003-A010 Continue Anti-Racism Program
2006-A123 Study Economic Benefits Derived from Slavery
2006-A127 Endorse Restorative Justice and Anti-Racism
2009-A142 Recommit the Church to Anti-Racism and Request Annual Report on Diocesan Actions
2009-A143 Extend 2006 Resolution to Examine and Repent for Complicity in Slavery
2009-D035 Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery
2012-A125 Recommit to Anti-Racism Work
2012-A127 Recommit to Anti-Racism Work
2012-A128 Examine Impact of Doctrine of Discovery
2012-A161 Amend the Anti-Racism Committee’s Mandate and Appointments
2015-A022 (11/13/2015) Amend Mandate and Membership of the Committee on Anti-Racism
2015-A023 (11/13/2015) Continue the Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
2015-A024 (11/13/2015) Direct Dioceses to Examine the Impact of the Doctrine of Discovery
2015-A182 (11/13/2015) Internal Audit to Respond to All Forms of Racial Injustice
2015-D040 (11/13/2015) Create Youth Anti-Racism Curricula

Reports to General Convention

1949 Bi-Racial Committee on Negro Work
1955 Joint Commission on Social Reconstruction (excerpt)
1964 Committee on Christian Social Relations
1973 National Commission on Hispanic Affairs
1973 National Committee on Indian Work (excerpt)
1985 Standing Commission on Human Affairs and Health
1988 Standing Commission on Human Affairs and Health
1991 Executive Council Commission on Racism
1994 Executive Council Commission on Racism
1997 Executive Council Committee on Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation
2000 Executive Council
2003 Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
2006 Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
2009 Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
2012 Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
2015 Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism

Executive Council Resolutions

1972 Racism
1982 Resolution from the Conference on Racism Received
1988 Pledge Against Racism Toward Native Americans
1990 Training Sessions on Racism
1991 Establishment of the MLK Legacy Scholarship Fund
1992 Addressing the Issue of Racism
1997 Income from the Constable Fund
2003 Continuation of Anti-Racism Training
2004 Adoption of Anti-Racism Plan
2004 Participation in Anti-Racism Training
2007 Establishment of a Minimum Time Length for Anti Racism Training
2011 Council Resolution to General Convention Reaffirming Anti-Racism Efforts
2012 Reaffirm the Importance of Anti-Racism Training
2014 Affirm that Black Lives Matter, Too
2014 Ongoing Work in the Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery

Reports to Executive Council

1969 Staff Committee to Review Programs Combating Racism
1969 Racism and Violence

Pastoral Letters of the House of Bishops

1955 "These are the deepest roots of our alienation from Asia."
1953 Prevalence of Racial Discontent (excerpt)
1962 Race Relations (excerpt)
1994 Sin of Racism
2006 Sin of Racism: A Call to Covenant

Title III Canons on Ministry

2000 Canon III.3
2003 Canons III.1-8

Episcopal News Service Articles

1982 Conference Asserts Racism is Relevant Issue
1987 Church Center Examines Institutional Racism
1996 Executive Council Deals with Finances, Racism -- and Healing

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